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Silicone products easy to stick dust how to solve?

In the daily life process, we see that many silicone products belong to a material with a high density. There is rarely seen a water seepage phenomenon in the silicone material. The dry material is taken for granted, so you can see in the market. Many desiccants made of silicone material! However, when it comes to the adsorption force in the solid silicone products which many silicone mobile phone sets, silicone straps and other jewelry will appear sticky dust this phenomenon? Therefore, compared with other materials of jewelry than silica gel sticky dust is its biggest drawback, but the adsorption of silica gel many friends have always wanted to ask to understand, the same are the silicone material why the organic solid silicone products will appear dust, and Silicone products will appear sticky dust this phenomenon? What is its principle?
Adsorption force is the main reason for silica gel dust, even if it is used in good silica gel raw materials such as anti-static rubber will also appear natural physical adsorption force, put it in time there will not move it will also appear around the adsorption of dust fibers, so silicone can be called The physisorption force of organic silicon raw materials is anodic, can do a variety of chemical auxiliary materials for other polar substances have a strong adsorption reaction, in order to enhance the adsorption of silica gel, should increase the adsorbent active structural units. Therefore, if the silica gel is completely dehydrated by calcination, the silanol groups of the silica gel are completely destroyed with no or even absorptive capacity; if a large amount of water is added to the silica gel, the adsorptive power will also be reduced because the silanol groups form with water. Too much hydrogen bonds thus lower their active ratio.
Secondly, for products with higher hardness, there is no influence on the absorption of dust and debris. For the production of low hardness products, the production of electrostatic compounds does not cause dust to adhere. For silica gel products, adsorption problems can be applied to silicone product manufacturers. Roasting keeps the product dry and removes certain static electricity. Spray oil on the hand to prevent sticky dust. Handfeel oil is an oily substance. The main function is to increase the smoothness of the appearance of the silicone surface and maintain the dustproof effect. For consumer friends, you can buy white. Electric oil is properly wiped, and the dust on the appearance can be removed by sticking alcohol with a clean cloth!

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