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What are the main ingredients of silicone products? Those factors will affect

The basic composition of silica gel is silica, has a microporous structure, has a rigid skeleton structure in terms of physical properties, wear resistance, high compressive strength, and does not undergo deliquescence or swelling after adsorption occurs. It is an amorphous structural form of silica that is chemically inert, non-toxic, and structurally stable. According to different uses it can be processed into many types. Widely used in pharmaceuticals, electronic device packaging, air, industrial gas drying, purification, dehydration refining, catalyst carrier, food storage, metal devices, daily necessities, separation and purification, analysis and inspection, preservation of weapons and equipment and so on.
First, viscosity
Explanation of terms in science and technology: The volume characteristics of liquids, pseudo-liquids or pseudo-solids against flow, that is, internal friction or internal flow resistance exhibited between molecules when they flow by external forces. Viscosity is usually proportional to hardness.
Second, hardness
The ability of a material to locally resist the penetration of a hard object into its surface is called hardness. Silicone rubber has a Shore hardness range of 10 to 80, which gives the designer full freedom to select the desired hardness to optimally achieve a specific function. Different mixing ratios of polymer substrates, fillers and auxiliaries can achieve various intermediate hardness values. Similarly, the time and temperature of heat curing can also change the hardness without disrupting the other physical characteristics of the silicone product.
Third, the tensile strength
Tensile strength refers to the force required in each range unit when tearing a sample of rubber material. The heat-sulfurized solid silicone rubber has a tensile strength in the range of 4.0-12.5 MPa. Fluorosilicone rubber tensile strength range between 8.7-12.1MPa. The tensile strength of liquid silicone rubber ranges between 3.6 and 11.0 MPa.

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